Right on the edge

Hold on tight

Knuckles white

There is nothing easy

About letting go


Slipped on gravel


Into the rabbit hole

Easy peasy

An unexpected path


The accusations

Spread thick

Like peanut butter

And jam

New patterns created


Tying knots

And untying knots

Is no simple task

Unkind words spray

Across the universe

Hit the target


Someone said

“Think twice”

When considering

The uncertainties of love

Climb steady

Stay low

Trim your sails


July 15, 2018





Wordle #360


23 thoughts on “THE HEART KNOWS WHAT THE HEART WANTS/the sunday whirl poets united poets pantry

  1. Even after all these years, I have not mastered the art of letting go. I still cling to things that I should have left behind long ago. Such useless clutter in my life!

    1. Some of us are just good at it, the game of “not letting go.” I look down and I am white knuckled, holding on for dear life, open my hands and there is nothing. For all the useless clutter, you might think we could get better at it. Thanks for your response.

      Annell Livingston 1431 Mesa Vista El Prado, New Mexico 87529 575-751-0680


    1. Sherry

      Advice that was given to me years ago, and still holds true. “We have to allow others to have their own path.”

      Take deep breaths, on the in-breath ask that all pain and suffering, and the source of suffering be taken away, and on the out-breath, see it as a healing breath. Do this for all who need it, and do it for yourself. It will help.

      Now see yourself, open your hands, and turn them over…letting go. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, or should do.

      I know it is heart breaking, but that is as it is.

      xoxoxoxohugs Annell Livingston 1431 Mesa Vista El Prado, New Mexico 87529 575-751-0680


  2. Yes, sometimes we do need to let go. It is never easy, but we really achieve nothing by hanging on to that which is lost anyway. Breathe in, breathe out, let go. Thoughtful writing.

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