Cities large and small

Gathering places

Hurry up

Places to go

People to see


Everything by the clock

Urban sprawl

You must fly over

To see it all


I wonder

It is no place for animals

It does not support life

It robs us of our humanity


Crazy making

Hustle bustle

Never ending

Like a great ant mound

Structure for termites



A giant grid

Hold on

Don’t give up


The light turns red

Stay on the sidewalk

No place to roam

The sun sets on glass and steel


July 11, 2018









16 thoughts on “CITIES LARGE AND SMALL/poets united midweek motif – city

  1. “Everything by the clock” Yes, this is the problem with city life. No time to stand and stare. The last line sunset image captivates the city spirit: fragile and heartless.

  2. Yes indeed–we get caught up in it–first by its pace and then by the clock. I have read that it is human habitat and can be studied as such. If so, that last stanza hits the mark. Wow!
    “The light turns red
    Stay on the sidewalk
    No place to roam
    The sun sets on glass and steel”

  3. I like the cities, Annell. You told on them right. Ours is large, you’ll have to fly very high to see it whole, Houston, Texas. We’ve seen it more than doube since we came in 1964.

  4. With a city you must embrace a part you like and not be overwhelmed by the rest of it. When I first came and worked in Adelaide in South Australia, each lunchtime I would walk off the beaten track and visit the lanes and buildings unfrequented by the hordes so fell in love with it. There is always so much more in a city than the shops, banks and governement buildings.

  5. Cities tend to be a little inhuman…(I think) and your words capture this along with the rules, concrete, glass and steel, these the make of our own little cages.
    I prefer a boring town any day.
    Anna :o]

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