Morning is filtered through the curtains

The sun already high in the sky

The world waits for me

As it waits for no one


What is it I am waiting for

Still in my night gown

Here I sit on the side of the bed

A river runs through


The water level low

There is promise of rain

Clouds form on the horizon

Children locked in cages


If I am quiet

I can hear their cries

It is a secret of sorts

The press is kept at a distance

No pictures allowed


Bad things happen in secret

What about the least of us

Who will care

Who holds the key

Who will unlock the cages



July 5, 2018




28 thoughts on “FIREWORKS IN PRETTY COLORS TAKES OUR MINDS OFF THE CHILDREN/imaginary gardens with real toads camera flash

  1. However much the sun shines, metaphorical clouds on the horizon may dampen our spirits…
    Let us hope for the children.
    Anna :o]

    1. It is such a cruel situation! But it tells us, we are not who we thought we were. We have much to learn and a long way to go. Thanks for your comment.


  2. They will be released but what memories they will have that America is not the land of the free but even if they can stay there are a lot of mean and horrible people here and they must be on their guard at all times.

  3. Your title is like a damp squib at the firework party, Annell, so cleverly done the way it fizzes pretty colours and then reminds us of the children. A similar pattern echoes in the poem and I like the way it ends with three questions. Who indeed!

  4. This is so poignant and timely of the current situation. Let us hope and pray for the children.

  5. The world waits. Everyone waits. The children are STILL in cages, and how long before the world moves on to some other tragedy & forgets about these children. We move from tragedy to crisis to another tragedy. We know only what comes to light, though undoubtedly there are even more things that happen in secret than we can imagine. We must not be complacent….even in time.

  6. Thanks for this poem, Annell. Who will unlock the cages is the question. Childhood trauma by the thousands. I saw that a grandmother got ARRESTED for trying to take books and toys to the children. A refugee is quoted as saying to other refugees “dont come here. The people have no hearts.” I cant imagine the people who are “following orders” down there.

    1. Sometimes what is real, what is happening is so hard to imagine! I think the children will never forget, and will be damaged all their lives…and perhaps the parents. Oh, how sick!!!!

      Thanks for your comment.


  7. Gosh! An apt quiet and solitude for thinking exists in the liminal space between fireworks and crying caged children. Let the river flow, carrying the questions.

  8. kaykuala

    The children separated upon reaching the border. The powers that be seem to be more powerful!


  9. The whole world has seen how this one act has scarred the nation. Who would have thought that the US would become a rogue nation with unpredictable and cruel rulers?

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