You speak to me

In your gentle voice

Sounds like notes played

On your guitar


There is thunder

In the distance

In the mountains

Do you think they

Are peacefully bowling


Peace would not include fear

It would include kindness

And laughter

Peace would include play

And children


But life is not that way

Life is made up all things

The good and the bad

And it could not be another way


When we are invited to the banquet

We want to taste all that is offered

Things happen

And they are not things we like

And almost at the same moment

Things happen that we do like


We choose to wear a coat of many colors

We choose to be sad when loved ones die

We choose to celebrate births of new people

When it is possible we choose peace

It is not always possible


July 5,   2018









13 thoughts on “PEACE IS NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. Ha, I thought I left a comment here this morning. I love that peace should include kindness. That is so true. Love the idea of bowling in the mountains making thunder sounds. And, sadly, it is true that pace is not always possible. We strive for it s much as we can. At least personally. The global situation is out of our hands.

    1. You probably did. It is because my, is linked to my site. So I post at and the other…and I think you are subscribed to Somethingsithinkabout…. I appreciate both your comments. I started using wordpress, because blogspot stopped notifying you that you had a comment. Often so much is out of our hands. Thanks for your comments.


  2. kaykuala

    When it is possible we choose peace
    It is not always possible

    Peace is a privilege that is very elusive. Very true!


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