The city seems far away




Hurry, hurry



Still the energy runs high

Ideas breed new ideas

Rest is not found for long

Slips into the gutter

Like rain water from the sidewalk


Still it is amazing

It all works as well as it does

Best to stay on your side of the street

Freeways congested

Each new day

The sun rises

And sets at the end of the day

Which seems to have only began


I keep my distance

In memory I drive the freeways

Spend the day in the studio

With sounds of trucks

Buses and trains

Filling every space


I do not long to return

I am happy here

The hermit that I am

On the mesa

The sun rises in silent morning

Traveling through the sky

And setting at the end of each well-worn day


July 3, 2018





28 thoughts on “LIFE ON THE MESA/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. I am a peaceful hermit too, at this stage of my life. I love the slow progression of days, the silence, the lack of rush, after a lifetime spent at a high lope. Smiles. I would love to hear the quiet of the mesa. In your poems, I almost do.

    1. One day my Husband drowned. Without a map or instructions, I found myself here in Taos, New Mexico. I wanted to find out if I could continue, if I wanted to. I came here, for three months, and when I decided I wanted to continue, I took a step forward. That was in 1994, in some ways it seems like a lifetime, and others only yesterday, I am transported back to that day, and I am filled with sorrow…the life of an artist demands that one be selfish, find out what is needed, and give it to yourself. Thank you for asking.

      ANNELL LIVINGSTON 575-751-0680

      1431 Mesa Vista El Prado, New Mexico


      1. Sorry to hear about your husband’s accidentally death. My husband died too young, too. Sounds like you were guided to the place you are. Very interesting life story. Oh, your statement about the life of an artist resonates. I have not been willing to go there, but hope to do so now. When I am on my PC, I will find your website. Happy 4th to you, Ansell.

      2. I am sorry about your Husband’s death. It is a hard one, and we carry it for the rest of our lives.

        Do you mean you want to begin your practice as an artist? I can only encourage you to begin. It will bring a satisfying life. And it is an important thing to do. The world needs its artists.

        I had a woman come to the studio this week, and as she said, “the world without art, is a world without heart.”

        xoxoxoxohugs ANNELL LIVINGSTON 575-751-0680

        1431 Mesa Vista El Prado, New Mexico


      3. Yes, it has gotten harder as I’ve gotten older. You are correct, we carry it the rest of our lives.

        Yes, begin to live a creative life and make art in all the ways I can. I’ve been sick most of this past year and have put my life on hold to heal. It is time to break out of holding on and start walking the world in a new way.

        Off to check out your website.

  2. I too love the quiet and peace of the country. When I was young and full.of piss and vinegar, I loved the hustle bustle and the 24/7 lifestyle. Now I too am content to be a hermit!

  3. kaykuala

    I do not long to return
    I am happy here
    The hermit that I am
    On the mesa
    The sun rises in silent morning

    A comfort zone tends to make it easy for one to make a decision that will not impact too much on other people!


  4. Both have their attractions and benefits. Shopaholics love the city, artists love the serenity of the wild to suit the need for them to emerge in their work without distraction.

  5. Sigh.. I am the other way.. it’s tooo quiet in the suburbs where I live.. so I long for the busy city life.. miss the hustle and bustle.. 💞

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