July one
More hot days expected
Birds in flight over the mesa
The cycle of days never ending

Even the gods are naked
Seek a shady place
Remember the spirit of winter
Take nothing for granted

Walk the spiral
Return to the heart
Remember home
And the lessons learned

Passions hot
Along with the hot days of summer
The humming birds are not here
There is no flitting in the garden
Will they ever return

The words come quietly
Perspiration trickles down your cheeks
The watermelon cools in tub of ice
It is the essence of summer


July 1, 2018







34 thoughts on “JULY ONE/the sunday whirl wordle #358 –poets united poets pantry

      1. I do not know. I am afraid they are dying due to pesticides and also losing their habitats. My area used to be filled with birds, bees, wasps, and frogs, but no more. I rarely see them. So sad!

  1. Beautifully described. Here it is cool and foggy and i love it. I have so many hummingbirds, more than ever before….three feeders that i fill constantly, a couple of times a day, each, at least. They are voracious!

    1. Dear Sherry

      Good to know. I wondered where they went. Look carefully and see if they carry signs of the Southwest. I think it is too hot and dry for them here this year. I have not seen one this year. We will have to make do with the snakes, spiders, thousand legs and lizards who do like the the heat.


      ANNELL LIVINGSTON http://www.annelllivingston.com annell@taosnet.com 575-751-0680

      1431 Mesa Vista El Prado, New Mexico


  2. It’s a little chilly here.. thanks to continous rain.. a welcome change from warmer days in June.

  3. It is warm here too Annell, hitting in the early twenties – which is around the norm for NE England this time of the year – and no rain expected bar a ‘possible’ shower (or two) later this week.
    Reading you words reminded be of a dearth of flies here last year – which I guess is nothing to complain about – but thinking about it, the same applies now. Where have they gone…?
    I love how you little snippets of information come together, weave to make a summer. I Love that even the Gods are naked.
    Anna :o]

  4. You capture summer very well. I can feel the heat. As for hummingbirds, I seldom see them at ALL here & haven’t for years.

  5. kaykuala

    Walk the spiral
    Return to the heart
    Remember home
    And the lessons learned

    One must not be too over-anxious perhaps! Not easy to anticipate in a vacuum!


  6. July one has come around so quickly this year and I’m just getting used to those hot days. I love the idea of the naked gods! I love the lines that make me feel cool:
    ‘The words come quietly
    Perspiration trickles down your cheeks
    The watermelon cools in tub of ice’.

  7. I am sure the birds have done a mini migration to where they can source water on a regular basis. I live in Australia and many birds are like gray nomads (us) searching for the best places when the weather turns bad! (too hot or cold).

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