The morning is a wonder
The heavens opened
The rain came at last
The whole world smiles

There is much rejoicing
Some arroyos were full
The road remained passable
Travel continues

Tucked into your shirt pocket
Years of waiting
Dark clouds form over the mesa
The high surf is only a memory

What of greatness
Can a country defy it’s actions
I hear politicians say
“We are better than this”

I say, “this is who we are”
We are not better
We are known by our actions
How we treat the least of us

The homeless
The young
The weak
The sick
The old
The poor
The hungry
Fly your flag
Be proud
“This is who we are”

June 17, 2018









14 thoughts on “THE GOOD OLD USA/sunday’s whirligig #166

  1. I feel the relief of the rain…..and then ponder the truth in “we are known by how we treat the least of us.” Yes we are and we are not doing very well.

  2. It’s hard to get to the truth and facts these days – I have a feeling there are a lot of details we don’t know and understand – the news media (all of them) are in it for the big bucks (profit). I find when one finds a personal slant to these situations, not lumping into a “they” column, it becomes very emotional. I think we need to try and connect with the everyday – and find causes where we actually give of ourselves (either time or money) – I hear a lot of people speaking harshly – but what if all of us DID something? Now that would be amazing.

  3. Yes, this is who WE are. We sit by now as children are held prisoner apart from their parents at the border. We have shown our underside by compliance. I am very saddened by who we are, for what we have become, by so much…..

    1. “But…”, comes to my lips. As a country we have always held ourselves differently…it doesn’t help to say greed, cruel and prejudice happen in other countries…it should happen here, and that is what we hope for. Thanks for your comments.


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