What time is it

What day

What week

What month


Sometimes hard to tell

The exact moment

We arrived

Or when we will leave


Or when we will be

Escorted out



Separated from our Mom


What is going on

Who is in charge

Is the complaint department


The door locked


I was already feeling shame

When I saw the flag

But now…

I don’t want to see it at all


Will someone grow a pair

Someone in the “family values” party

What is happening is a disgrace

So, what do you say about the “what of it”


June 14, 2018








15 thoughts on “THE WHAT OF IT/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. This is a terrible situation. He was an Obama hater, a lot are. They determined to destroy every thing with the Obama name or any of his compassionate work with ISIS like ferocity.

  2. Sadly in the US you have a voting system which is not entirely fair in that you don’t get a majority decision except from those that voted which can be as low as 50% of those eligible. In Australia it is different if you are regisrered to vote you must do so or be fined! Even hospitals have voting booths! Better luck next time!

  3. Someone needs to grow a pair indeed. I absolutely never thought I would see such things in North America. And they consider themselves a Christian government. God help us all. Putting kids in detention centres is appalling. I read one “official” took a nursing one year old right off her mother’s breast. Who is looking after that baby? I do not understand how this can go on. Why is government so silent? Why does he get away with what no one else on the planet would? Well, this is a rant. But your poem really nails it. Children in cages. Unbelievable. Yet true.

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