What have I learned these many years

I suck on my eraser

Chew the covers of my books

The first lesson is

I am not in control


Often there is nothing I can do

I stand witness

I mind my own business

I laugh at the rain


There was something about..

If you can’t say something nice

Say nothing

In the 8thgrade I served 64 detentions

I couldn’t stop talking


Treat others as you would like to be treated

This seems fair

Help those in need

I scramble through my purse

For money to share


Never cheat or lie

It gets you nowhere

The truth in whatever garb

It wears today will do


You ain’t nothing special

No better no worse

Than your fellow man

So give him a break

Life isn’t easy for him either


June 13, 2018








18 thoughts on “WHAT I LEARNED FROM LIFE/dVerse

  1. Nice last stanza about giving our fellow man a break. Also good advice in these lines: “The truth in whatever garb

    It wears today will do” Those 64 detentions in the 8th grade make me wonder if it was you or the teacher. Regardless it is a good record to be proud of.

  2. Sorry, wrong poem, I read them one after the other. I cant find a place to post a comment on the lust poem. This poem is another good read……..I can see him, captain of his boat, dreaming of the sea.

    1. I am a bit confused by wordpress? It does pretty mush as it wants. I think you just click on the top line. Takes you to the place to make a comment at the bottom.


      1. On a English keyboard you have to press the key for ¨ before you press o… On a Swedish keyboard it’s a separate key. If I do the umlaut ü I will need to do the same… but Bjorn works fine 🙂

  3. So so late to the reading and posting for this one….glad they keep “the lights on in the pub” for us latecomers.
    Reading this early AM with coffee in my hands….and smiling I am at these lines
    “In the 8thgrade I served 64 detentions
    I couldn’t stop talking”
    SUCH levity here………..LOVE it! 🙂

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