The neckline of her gown
Dropped down
A peach exposed
A fleshy pink
His eyes followed
And caressed each globe

“That wondrous charm of sex”
Whispered B.W. Procter
As he speared the melon
On his plate
Round and juicy

There is no explaining the itch
Biological urge
Fleshy lust
She was a hot blooded young woman

And he felt she owed him
He whispered “sweet nothings”
In her ear
Asked her to meet him on the deck
Half past one

The waves broke high
The wind blew straight
The sea always made him horny
Flesh to flesh
A sailor he would be

In his imagination
He sailed the seven seas
The master of his craft
A legend in his own mind
Asses to Asses/Lust to lust
Lust thou art,
And unto Lust shalt thou return




June 13, 2018

10 thoughts on “LUST THOU ART, AND UNTO LUST SHALL THOU RETURN/poets united midweek motif/lust

    1. As you know, most of all, we are multi-faceted, and you never know? It is like dropping coin in the machine, and you get what you get. At least that is how poetry is for me.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Have you created your blog? Are you posting? I want to read your writing….xoxoxoxohugs


    2. Just for fun, sometimes I entertain myself with my “ funnies”. It was very unlike me. Thanks for your comment. Would love to hear from you, what has been going on in your life?



  1. Ha, finally I found a comment form. I grinned at the asses to asses and lust to lust….this is so often what occurs……..well done, Annell. I can see him on his deck, captain of his fate – he thinks.

  2. Are you speaking of THE B.W. Procter? I had to look him up–a man of his time,a writer and poet. Taking his point of view–the details–the play on words! Pretty neat, Annell.
    “The master of his craft
    A legend in his own mind
    Asses to Asses/Lust to lust”

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