“Billy Goat Gruff” strokes his beard
He looks on
Without comment
Glad to be in the sunshine
Out from under the bridge

He listens for the song
In the wind
Knows it is your song
Understands all its meanings

He climbs the highest hill
He looks for you
Without knowing
You have gone away

Each of us could go at any minute
Without waiting for the bell to ring
Rush outside
Wave to the clouds

Throw two small bones
Put them back into my pocket
Hop the appropriate number
Of squares
It is your turn

Scoop the jacks
Life is a game
Eternal playing
No end in sight
And suddenly it is over

It can come as a surprise
Minding your own business
Pour the tea in the teacup
Pass the biscuits, please

June 9, 2018




15 thoughts on ““BILLY GOAT GRUFF’ STROKES HIS BEARD/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. Ooh Annell, I like this. You are entirely right, any time. Some think I’m a bit morbid when I say that I am ready any time, I’ve done all the things that I need and really want to do here. I was looking for the Troll to join in. Do Trolls go to heaven? I know Goats do (Romans 8:18-22 +/-) as they are a part of God’s creation along with the dogs and cats.

    1. Thanks for your comments Jim. I’m sorry about the questions you ask I have no answers…perhaps with the acceptance that the “end” could come anytime, and it is the one thing we can be certain about, we can really enjoy this moment. I like to think I did the best I could, “slipping and sliding” all the way. Perhaps the troll will come again, and reveal more about himself, and where he is going. I will invite him.


  2. I have never been more aware of this fact than now. Wonderful to envision the skipping and playing, and then the calm pouring of the tea as we contemplate the brevity of existence. I think I will do that very thing right now!

    1. Thanks Sherry, and yet we all seem to be involved in the”drama” of life…if we can remember, it will happen, and we have no control. Have a cup of tea. xoxo


    1. It is just that it doesn’t seem just a game, not to worry, have a cup of tea. What will happen will happen, and we really have no control. The mountains tell us this. And when we fly and look down, we realize our little lives, as so small. Perhaps we are all addicted to the drama? Thanks for your comments.


  3. I don’t mind the begin and end of things but am pretty cross that time is not constant but drags so much at the beginning then gets to a comfortable pace when evrything happens in the middle then just as you relax to enjoy yourself it speeds up just when you want it to slow down. However I loved your post…must dash!

  4. At last I have found a place to comment.

    I really like what you have done with this story. Great viewpoint of the goat’s view of life.

    1. Thanks Kerry.

      I am a techno-peasant, I started the wordpress blog five years ago. Went back to Blogspot. Then they stopped notifying when someone commented, decided to return to wordpress. I would like to add the words comments, but don’t know how. Do you?



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