While waiting for the rain to stop
I run my finger along spines
Of books on shelves
Books are my friends
Some are new friends
And some are old

I look forward to the day
We meet again
I pick you up
The read begins
The whole story
Unknown to the reader
Until the end
Final word

Last page of the book
Or last page of a life
So much happens
In each life
From beginning
To end
You are the book
I am the reader

Your adventures are mine
And mine are yours”
I want to know the how
Or why of you
What makes you tick
Like the clock on the mantel
A dark metal
With an angel hovering at the top
You are my lucky find
Waiting for the rain to stop


June 10, 2018


11 thoughts on “RAINY DAY AT THE BOOKSTORE/the sunday whirligig

  1. O! And each time I pick up a book, it seems different because I have changed. I think people,too, whole lives, are like that. I like the detail of the train, the comparison of the ticking clock.

    1. Thanks Sherry, if only there was more time…I keep thinking of a holiday with nothing to do but read and catch up. Thanks for your comment. xoxoxoxo


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