The sun high in the sky

My wind chime

Captures a gentle breeze

Sings a song complete

The “what” of the song

Is not known


There are no words

To describe the feeling

Traverse the streets

Stone faces stare

Clouds bank high

Above the mountains

You leave the room

I am alone

Empty without you


June 8, 2018



10 thoughts on “FRIDAY AFTERNOON/verse escape

  1. Solitude, pleasure itself. so often have this quality–isolating or diminished when their offerings cannot be shared. Thanks for joining us, Annell.

  2. The sounds and feelings of all things being ‘just out of reach’ rings true throughout your poem….bringing it to the rightful conclusion in your last lines. Loved it.

    1. Yes, it is said, “Spirit is in the wind.” I like to think the ones who aren’t here, are speaking to me, through the song of the wind chimes. I am thinking your Dad is speaking to you, tell you how much he misses you too! It is hard for spirit to fill what is empty, but maybe his music does a little bit?

      Thanks for your comments.


  3. NICELY DONE, ANNELL – Particularly love the last three lines! I subscribed to word press yesterday – got one thing up – want to do another but having a time trying todo – also, could I include a painting with the words as well sometimes? I suppose I could try and get info from wordpress but wanted to speak with you anyway. Glad to reconnect…………. >

    1. Dearest Pat

      I wondered the other day, when you commented, could that be you? So glad to reconnect. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.

      I just recently went back to WordPress, because they no loner notify you, if you have a comment.

      So glad you are setting up your blog.

      Yes, please include your paintings!!! It isn’t hard to do.

      On my other site: I have a lot of things…but on my blogspot site. I only wanted to focus on the poem that I post that day. I still post my poems to Somethingithinkabout… because it shows up on my site:

      Can’t wait to read your poems!!! Or what you write!



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