There was a time in my life
I was the guinea pig
Running on the wheel
So much to do

Over time
I have slowed down
I focus on what is important
I give it the time needed
I resent all that takes me from
The studio

My life is focused
Sometimes I feel I am
A lighthouse keeper
Alone in the tower
Looking at the world
I can see in the distance
The future appears
The past is silent

I am at home
Here on the mesa
The sun rises
And the sun sets
The wheel no longer spins
There is no more running


June 6, 2018




17 thoughts on “THE WHEEL IS SILENTLY STILL/poets united midweek motif/running

  1. I love the idea of you feeling like a lighthouse keeper looking out over the mesa……..I also love how time slows down at our time of life – each day ours to spend it as we please. Beautiful, Annell.

  2. A lighthouse keeper! Cool. And not even on the sea! It’s a good place to get off the merry-go-round. I like how this poem slows down.

  3. Wherever we live we are lighthouse keepers watching out for action on the sea, streets, countryside or in your case the mesa around us. Like wild animals we have a territory too and must keep watch!

      1. Thank you so much Rosemary. I went on line to the dictionary, and that is what came up? Gini pig. I should have looked further.

        Yes, I think there are different times of our lives, that reflect a different pace. The younger part of my life, I was always on that tread mill. No rest for the weary. When I moved to the west, because I knew life could fill up all the empty spaces, if you weren’t careful. I have been careful to protect myself, and what I want to do. For the most part it is “time,” that I need. Perhaps it is now I can see, time is running out. If we are going to do it, we will have to do it now.


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