Lost all hope
I realize I cannot
Change another
It is not up to me
I have tried too long

I thought at first
There must be a misunderstanding
And if only
Corrections could be made
All would be OK

But you have convinced me
It cannot be
Perhaps there was no misunderstanding
Instead you, birds of prey
Perched high above
Fell upon the unsuspecting
And devoured it from head to toe

Still it is life
Two against one
Two more strong
Than the other
You have eaten all hope
Your tummies full
Sing your songs to each other

I will not try again
For now it is clear
No wrongs to right
You meant what you said
You said what you meant
There was no misunderstanding.


June 3, 2018



11 thoughts on “YOU HAVE EATEN ALL HOPE/dVerse

  1. I have been in that situation, where I tried and tried, felt if I could just explain clearly, surely things could be fixed. It was a shock that the other person was unwilling, preferring to hold onto her view, than to work things out. Communication doesnt always fix things. I so related to your poem, my friend.

  2. Wow. Sad, but true. I’m in that very situation right now! This is a timely message for me and so well-expressed. Your way with words is impressive. I’m right there with you.

    1. I am so sorry, it should never happen to anyone. Unfortunately it might, it could, it has. I speak for the Universe, “I hope your situation will go differently, and you will be allowed to explain and your explanation will be accepted.” This is not a pretty picture.


      1. And many hugs to you!!! It will be OK. I have gone to your site and read several of your wonderful poem! I love each of them!


  3. It’s always a relief (at least to me) to discover that things really are just as they are and that I have not misunderstood them, even if I don’t particularly like what I understand.

    1. The misunderstanding was mine…I thought they were responding to something I did or said, but it must have been an attack, what they wanted to say. Yes, it is best to find out what is what. Thanks for your comment.


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