From the second story window

A chair fell

Striking no one…this time

Yes, it has happened before

On the city street

Other things have fallen


Once a bed came sailing

Out the window

Falling onto a truck

Parked at the curb

It happens almost every month

There seems to be no reason to protest


The king reigns the country

And when the king does it

It is not against the law

Houses in a row

People sit in front of their TV’s

Afraid to come outside

There may not be enough money

In the world to fix what ails us


June 3, 2018


Sunday’s Whirligig





12 thoughts on “A WORLD TURNED UPSDIE DOWN/sunday’s whirligig

    1. Thank you Sherry…I think I floundered on this one…I’m not sure what might “fix” us or our country? After all Trump represents those who voted for him…and they are part of us.

      We have a huge fire just north of us. Northern New Mexico is very, very dry this season. The valley is full of smoke.


  1. So very true….not enough money in the world to fix what ails us. What a sad state of affairs humans have made for themselves on this planet.

  2. Greed is what ails us and sadly we are beguiled by those that have a lot and think they know what is best for the world when they mean themselves.

  3. I don’t think there is enough money either Annell. What there is, the kings have, and they don’t want to give it up…
    Anna :o]

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