We Write Poems

Thank you all for this opportunity and the very warm welcome.

It is a gift giving season.  Handmade gifts are the best, and what better way to share love and self than writing.  Let us write and wrap a poem as a gift.

Choose a person as a focus for the poem.  It can be family, friends, lover, someone of major influence in your life, an unforgettable stranger, or anyone that sparks creativity in your writing.

  1. Focus on and describe one physical trait of the person–eyes, hair, lips, hands, smile, anything.
  2. Describe something he or she is does with that trait.
  3. Where would this person like to travel (or where would you like to take them)?  Wrap the present in a scene from there by describing the scene in vivid sensory imagery.
  4. What gift/souvenir would you give them?  How would it pair with the trait?  Describe the gift with those…

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One thought on “prompt Holiday Collage

  1. I fixed your poem in the comment. Please review it and make sure I didn’t edit out too much. Also, your blogspot link didn’t work. Please check that as well. I can correct it if necessary. Thank you so much for participating in the prompt. 😀

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