A tiny voice whispers

Look around in surprise

It is my conscience

You see

The one who

Watches out for me

Together we try to

Stay out of the ditch

Make no mistake

It is easy to get off the path

Leave no trace

Of your whereabouts

Lost in your work

In the studio


Friends will want you to

Come out to play

They will

Leave a note

And when you see them

You will explain

You are not sick

Only dedicated


Seconds past uninterrupted

Then you realize

A lifetime has passed

No rest taken

And like the scientist

In the lab

You attempt to translate

The discoveries made

Detect where you have been

All your life

PROMPT:conscience, together, mistake, leave, note, sick

friends, second, rest, translate, lab, detect

10 thoughts on “July 13, 2013 Sunday Whirl #117 and Poets United #158

  1. I agree with Brian. I too could get caught up in writing or other craft arts…I guess that’s why my dust bunnies multiply freely.

    Thank you for your visit. – That last line, I grew up with it. ‘First time guest, second time family.”

  2. Keep them coming, Annell. Alone time is often productive time for me, too. To piggy back on Walt’s comment, thanks for sharing your world with us.

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