_MG_0467   Fragments G&C #151  30″x30″  gouache on w/c paper

The Voice of the Painting
I look at paintings I hear voices
Some low almost inaudible
Some scream
Some so pleasant
They seem to sing

It is impossible to know
The voice the artist
Will assume
What happens
The artist takes a risk
And then he listens

The voice so comfortable
Like a finger print
It is his alone
It fits Without pressure
To be anything else
But his own

To appear naked
Without mask
No smoke and mirrors
Might scare a lesser man
Where one is taught
That it is not enough
To be oneself

I look at paintings
To climb out of myself
I become the voice
I see
I am the viewer
No one orders me

Prompt:  voices, impossible, scare, climb, risk, listen,
where, smoke, happens, pressure, might, orders

12 thoughts on “

  1. i like the journey between the two voices…the artists voice first in the painting but finding your own int he art as well…both voices come into play viewing art…

  2. Fantastic work Annell, I never know where inspiration will take me and often what I start with in my mind translates into something totally unexpected!

    The new prompt is up if you are interested I would love to have you =)

  3. “I look at paintings to climb out of myself”–exactly! I look at photographs for the same reason. We all need a way to make the journey from self to The Beyond Self. Thanks for this powerful image.

    An Asian Whirl

  4. Viewing paintings is like secretly entering the artists mind and sometimes amazing things are revealed that were not apparent at first sight…secrets that you now share.

  5. Interesting you hear voices and I feel emotion in paintings.

    It is impossible to know
    The voice the artist

    That’s so right because even voices can be mask or lies.

  6. Hope you are having and enjoyable summer. I enjoy how your art ‘moves’ – vibrates, I lean in to listen…
    Hopefully this link is to the still continuing story verse site.

  7. Annell, this is a great commentary on viewpoint. Some see art as what its market value is. Some see it but don’t feel it. Some devour the feelings whole as though starved for beauty. I happen to think poets and other artists are in the last group. We have that need, you know? Very strong writing, Annell. Peace, Amy

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