The Deepest Connection
(The Artist in Her Studio)

Tap root
Dive deep
Dig down

Lights and darks
Colors on a wheel
Texture – smooth to rough
Line and such
Blights to dull
Shapes to delight

Dive deep
Hold on
Seek some more
Take a sounding
Mark four

Dig down
Risk it all
Satisfy the hunger
Clocks broke
Day’s end
Without conclusion
Tomorrows a new day
Try again

The journey is long
Made up of days
A lifetime to be sure
Illusion of time stops
It seems you just get started
Rolling downhill
Sun sets in the west
Day’s done
The sun rises
Begin again

10 thoughts on “July 3, 2013 Poets United

  1. it is a journey…not measured by one day but by many that string together like a strand of pearls we dive deep for…ever seeking…ever moving forward….

  2. I like that you have written about an ‘appetite’ that is not food….an appetite that really propels you day after day.

  3. Annell,

    The daily desire to achieve so much, drives us forward..Sometimes longer than the hours within one day, when the appetite for working is being relieved…


  4. Hey, kiddo, back for another read. Big news! I am MOVING BACK TO TOFINO in mid-August. Going back to my and Pup’s home….I know he is happy as I am about it. We mourned that place for so many years. I had not dreamed I could go back. But the universe had a better plan!!!!! I am ecstatic.

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