Just write it down
From time to time
Try to remember
Where you’ve been
Reconstruct yesterday
As best you can

Tell a tale or two
Jot down the words
That form as statues
In the brain

Take a day off
Sit beside the road
Let life go on bye
Say it one way
Recall it another–
Start over
Write it down

Sometimes your head fills up
With all that you want to say
Something you learned
Something you thought
Along the way

Maybe it’s important
Maybe it’s not
Who is to say
It’s a mystery
But it might surprise you
What you have to say

12 thoughts on “July 2, 2010 deVerse

  1. write it down, you never know what it means…in the processing it you may find meaning or as is the case for me often its much later in re-reading it i find something….very cool bit on writing annell…

  2. Annell, this is excellent advice for any artist, including visual arts… that moment the sun hit the… you know. But for poets and prosers (not posers!), our lives are often filled with scraps of memory. You describe the work of the poet well in this, Annell, thanks. Amy
    PS contact me by email, have a msg from someone you know.

  3. Certainly a big surprise! One can never know what comes by! Putting it down on ‘paper’ preserves the treasure trove at the right place! Great thoughts annell!


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