A Simple Thing
The loss of a friend
A simple thing
One of the saddest
That can
Happen to a human heart
Breaks it in two

Sure death is bad
Really sad
Aw… but the loss of a friend
Who enriched your life
Leaves a hole
That cannot be filled
All the way to China

The loss a deep regret
I couldn’t be
The one you called friend
I’ll keep your memory
Miss you to the end of time

One of the saddest
Things that can
Happen to a human

Note: It’s happened to me, maybe happened to everyone. One you liked…loved and called your friend, has changed their mind. Doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, for whatever reason. Causes a heartbreak that cannot be fixed, another sadness, you will carry, cannot forget. We might ask, “Why do you want this friend, who does not want you?” There is no answer, only sadness.

5 thoughts on “April 30, 2013 A Simple Thing

  1. i am sorry for your loss…it is hard when we are so close to someone and knowing as well that they will not be a part of our life going forward….though we do carry bits of them with us from the time we spent together…

  2. Annell, I know these feelings and you are correct: there is always a hole because there is no answer to the why of the thing. It is just there. Worse perhaps, is when that used to be friend passes away and suddenly you know that the thin thread of hope that is at the bottom of that hole has been forever severed, and one knows they will never know why.
    It’s been a hell of a month, but worth every minute,


  3. This poem so resonates with me, Annell, as this happened to me once. A friend I valued dearly simply was Done, and nothing could fix it. A very perceptive write!

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