Prompt: either, harrowing, marrow, grubs, thin, oath,
saw, guess, rare, march, borrow, transparent

My oath thin upon the wind
Like coyote’s howl
Just outside my window

I feel the sound harrowing
To the marrow of my bone
I can borrow no more time
Snug in my bed

I long to find the grubs
In the garden of my work
Spent in the court of

A rare and precious moment
All is transparent
The march to completion

Either I work now
Translate observation
Touch it with imagination
Or I guess…

Like the Coyote who sleeps late
This day will be lost forever


Note:  I have been reading May Sarton, Journal at Seventy.  During an interview, she was asked, “How is seventy different from sixty-five?   I don’t see much difference, except that time accelerates.  The days go past with frightful rapidity, and so do the years.  It is plain that I am not ready for old age!  But then time does not stand still in old age I fear.  On the contrary, from all reports it simply flies away, and that is what I am beginning to notice.”

11 thoughts on “April 27, 2013 Sunday Whirl

  1. Thank you for this, Annell. I am a morning person, and this piece sings to me. I also appreciate your sharing Sarton’s quote. I don’t own any Sarton, but will pick some up now. I needed that gentle reminder.

  2. smiles…the day is soon done if we are not intentional in how we interact with it…be it with our imagination or..rather like your morning pondering as well…

  3. The accompanying nest reaffirms the fragility and speed at which time is blown away from our hands..i believe too that your hands make use of every second..takes a lot of courage to make it so.. x

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