April 14, 2013 Sunday Whirl

Saturate, control, bold, unwind, sword, often, skeptical, slight, might, sign, ninth,threshold

On the threshold of my seventyth year

I unwind the story of my life

Skeptical that I have lived so long

Without control of the past

Only my response

It is perhaps the ninth time

I have tried to recall it al

Grief has sometimes saturated my years

Yet, without armor or sword

Boldly continued

With a sigh

Try as I might

The details are slight

Memory dims

I vow to try again another day

3 thoughts on “April 14, 2013 Sunday Whirl

  1. I’m not all that far behind you, my friend. And yes, there are days when I want to remember, others when I sneak away quietly and visit a park, or just drive around hoping to see a hawk. Really like what you created from these words. I felt a bit less than coherent today. Maybe tomorrow,


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