Saturate, control, bold, unwind, sword, often, skeptical, slight, might, sign, ninth,threshold

On the threshold of my seventyth year

I unwind the story of my life

Skeptical that I have lived so long

Without control of the past

Only my response

It is perhaps the ninth time

I have tried to recall it al

Grief has sometimes saturated my years

Yet, without armor or sword

Boldly continued

With a sigh

Try as I might

The details are slight

Memory dims

I vow to try again another day

3 thoughts on “April 14, 2013 Sunday Whirl

  1. Nice piece, Annell. Aging is bittersweet. I am 51, and hope to make the threshold of my 70s, at least. With age comes wisdom weaving through your words.

  2. I’m not all that far behind you, my friend. And yes, there are days when I want to remember, others when I sneak away quietly and visit a park, or just drive around hoping to see a hawk. Really like what you created from these words. I felt a bit less than coherent today. Maybe tomorrow,


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