Sandra Kovacs was my friend and I will miss her.

The Mystic
We talked last night
And remembered
As the wind howled
The temperature dropped
A cold yesterday
There was no need to hurry

A woman spinning
Her warn
Casting shadows in
The bright sunlight
As the wind howled

You are of the trees
With your country mind
Disguised as a simple man
There will be an opportunity
To become a hero
Your destiny
Will be your choice
The temperature dropped

We all have wounds
Some of our own making
Some so deep
When we reach bottom
It is only the clear water
Of collected tears
Words forgotten
The idea remains
A cold yesterday

Across time she is remembered
Emotions stirred
Like sands in the hourglass
Slipping to fill the heart
A container like a glass jar
On a shelf
All is revealed
There was no need to hurry


12 thoughts on “March 24, 2013 Sunday Whirl #101 The Mystic

  1. No need to hurry…i can imagine that security in her being..and still being with you..her beautiful face and your strong tender words seem very fitting.. x

  2. smiles…you capture your friends character well and it seems there is something we can all relate to it is carrying those wounds with us…i am sorry for your loss but happy for the time you had with her…

  3. What a lovely tribute to your friend, Annell. A poignant piece of writing. I need a box of kleenex reading these poems, I just came from Brenda’s elephant story. Oh, dear.


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