Prompt:  Letting go




The snow has come as predicted

The sun shines too

All is white

Visibility low


You have brought up “letting go”

When you know

I am not good at it

I remember

When you left

All was lost



I would look down

See my hands

Knuckles white


Holding on

Even when there was nothing left


I had to talk myself through

Open my hands

Turn them over

Nothing to hold on to

Letting go


So quickly the snow

Has stopped

Visibility still low

But is expected

Again and again

Like “letting go”

Again and again



9 thoughts on “February 9, 2013 dVerse

  1. we live our lives letting go…again and again, like the weather, for sure…and sometimes we do have to talk ourselves through it…pulling back one finger at a time…

  2. I really like the white images here, the snow, the knuckles, everything. It reminds me of the game where you imagine yourself in a white room and it is supposed to tell you how you feel about death. I also like the repetition of the “o” sounds througout. It emphasizes the mourning quality of the poem. Letting go is hard and this poem conveys that wonderfully.

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