Winter in Taos

Grey day

Clouds like

Blanket spread


Caught in mid-air

Grey, lonely, silent

Without warning

Coyote appears

Just as suddenly


Always on the move

Rain expected in the p.m.

Until then…a sense of waiting

Grey, lonely, silent

Caught in mid-air

Note:  Reference the weather report

6 thoughts on “January 26, 2013 dVerse

  1. we got snow yesterday…the weather man said it would be late afternoon…he missed it by a few hours…our superintendant had more faith in him…and we nearly got stuck at the school…i like the coyote in the middle…the little bit of life moving around and through….its cool to see them geting on their business despite us….

  2. The weather reports we get are pretty useless most of the time – they are generated 400 miles away, and here in the UK we don’t have a climate, we have very localised weather patterns. Nice writing, I enjoyed reading this.

  3. Beautiful poem and picture. I love New Mexico. Lived there for a few years in the eighties, and traveled every back road in the state. Such history and beauty! I wasn’t writing in those days–too busy partying–and I think now about how many poems must be waiting patiently in the recesses of my mind. Sunsets; people here post pictures of Texas sunsets, and I just smile, thinking, they’ve obviously never been to New Mexico.

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