January 27, 2013 Sunday Whirl #91

chimes, scattered, mirror, skirted, raw, mist,

straw, scale, vast, curved, edge, tattered


(Image from the internet)

 Aunt Maggie’s Farm

Scattered chimes ring in the New Year

My mind a mirror of the past

Raw as if it were yesterday

Vast imagination of childhood

Balance the scale

Skirted cowgirls

Play in the straw

Curved tattered edge of the barn

Through the mist of years

…I remember

Note:  As children we spent many days on my Aunt Maggie’s farm, treasured memories.  Playing in the hay neatly stacked in the old barn.

January 26, 2013 dVerse


Winter in Taos

Grey day

Clouds like

Blanket spread


Caught in mid-air

Grey, lonely, silent

Without warning

Coyote appears

Just as suddenly


Always on the move

Rain expected in the p.m.

Until then…a sense of waiting

Grey, lonely, silent

Caught in mid-air

Note:  Reference the weather report