IMG_9424 Sunset

In the New Year

There are no extra days to spare

Each precious and rare

Do not let one pass

In the dark shadow

Of your longing

For what is not

Find the source of your joy

Feed it like

The fire in the hearth

Select each log

Lay it carefully

The flame will catch

Your joy will warm

And brighten every heart

Note:  Perhaps this is my New Years’ resolution.  I want to remember to be grateful for each day, and not waste a single one.

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 77 ~ Happy New Year!!

11 thoughts on “Tuesday January 1, 2013 dVerse

  1. love the immediacy of this annell…not to let a day pass, start now…spread some joy and love…we will turn this year and not let it be dictated to us…happy new year annell….

    1. Yes, I think urgency is now, if we look back, we often can sayoh, I wishI had not wasted the timebut that was when we had plenty of timetoday it seems there is no time to wasteI can see you now”turning” the world, spinning it on one finger. Happy, Happy to you! Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

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