The Day Before Christmas

It is something we cannot say

When is a good time to go

The day before Christmas seems good

Or as good as any day I know

And only when we can say

 It was perfect

All was perfect

Maybe not the plan

Of my own making

But perfect all the same

When is a good time to go

Before we get started

In the middle of it all

After a long life

The day before Christmas

Seems good

Or as good as any

All the same

The year is almost over

Christmas is here

The gifts have been bought

And wrapped

The eggnog might not be finished

Nor the turkey cooked

But the plans have been make

Traditions to keep

The day before Christmas seems good

Or as good as any time to go

Your time is perfect

We will missed, your laughter

And your smiles

It will be a long time

Before the tears are dry

You left on Christmas Eve

The perfect time of year

 Note:  My friend Johnny died on the day before Christmas.  I write these words in sorrow and in celebration of my friend’s life.  I am sending my best wishes to his family, he was well loved by all who knew him.  ( Some of the words are Pat’s, she pointed out that it was like him to leave before the eggnog was finished, nor the turkey cooked.  Leave it to Pat is see the irony of it all.)

3 thoughts on “December 25, 2012 The Day Before Christmas

  1. My condolences to you, Annell. It is so hard to lose someone, but I somehow think losing a person at Christmas must be exceedingly hard. But maybe, just maybe, there WAS a reason…….

  2. May your friends’ memories shine as brightly as the stars in the velvet sky at night.
    Some traditions honor those they love with a candle on the anniversary of their deaths. It seems as one gets older the calendar holds more of those days…

    My Johnny’s memories be for blessings. To you and your friends, my sympathy.

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