rapid, spacious, enigma, clench, spasm, burst,
insistent, hurl, seemed, rustle, rare, through
Secrets of the Heart
Passage of time is rapid
Spacious my heart
An enigma written there
Unclench the protective cover
A spasm felt
Insistent words
Burst forth
Meaning hurled
 A rare rustle heard
Along the edge
Through the willow
It seemed time was standing still
And yet…
Another year passes
Note:  The sun is still sleeping behind Taos Mountain in darkness, yet somehow I feel the passage of time… am witness to the faithfullness of the earth, our Mother.  The world didn’t end yesterday, only another beginning.

11 thoughts on “Sunday December 23, 2011 Wordle

  1. Love what you wove from the words. Especially like those last few lines, it always seems that way and still remains a surprise somehow. Hope your holidays are filled with warmth and affection,


  2. There’s a real lubdub of a heart beat rustling through these two special verses..top chamber..bottom chamber..a slight grating in between thought and pumping..yes it seems time is blue at the moment..we are flooded here..it feels unsettled..restless as breath..but still..hugs to you in Taos..always.. x

  3. Ah yes, sometimes it does seem like time is standing still….yet another year passes. Very well wordled, Annell. I wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!

  4. And oh yes another year has passed. I was thinking about that this very morning as I was out doing errands. Happy Holiday to you and yours.

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