Sunday December 15, 2012 Wordle #87

Wordle #87

top, list glassy, unfolded, itch, rushes, slicks, listen, sign, lighten, tragic, visalility, milky


Image from the Internet

A Material Gift to Honor the Man

Who Did not Collect Material Gifts

List made

Checked twice

At the top

A gift for you

With glassy eyes I stare

At the milky blank space

Where the gift should be written

No idea…

There is no word for lack of it

Fold and unfold the paper

Wrinkled and torn like a photo

By the Starns twins

Palms itch

Idea after idea rushes to be rejected

None seem right

I listen to the songs of the season and sigh

Holiday load would be lightened

If only a slick idea

Would materialize

Christmas morning will be tragic

For lack of gift to give

Snow is expected

Visability low

Note:  Sometimes it is not the buying of the gift at the shopping mall, but the idea of the perfect gift to give.  The holiday has become one big “potlatch.”  And we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find that perfect gift.  I selected the image of the book, The Gift, one of my favorites.    And Merry Christmas to all…….

22 thoughts on “Sunday December 15, 2012 Wordle #87

  1. Perhaps the perfect gift is that you will be there in the morning..I hadn’t heard of ‘potlatch’ before..what a lovely word..a gift for me..the book looks interesting too..happy Sunday to you Jae x

  2. I have to confess that I gave up long ago waiting for slick gift ideas to materialize. It just puts too much pressure on me. If I could, I would ignore the season entirely. Grinch? Maybe…

    The Day’s News

  3. There is that old joke floating around; What do you get the man who has everything? And the answers are: either a lawyer to prove where he got it, or penicillin to cure it.

    I remember one of my favorite stories is ‘The Gift of the Magi’ but the title you offer looks interesting too. No real snow here. It’s our location. We get cold, but not a lot of snow.

    Thanks for your visit. I like how the wordle lists twist from the list and grace our pages. I’ve also added to my story verse this week:

  4. Great wordle. I stopped worrying about giving gifts a long time ago. The real reason for why we ever have Christmas is being lost now to whole generations of ‘I wants’ So sad to think instead of being a pleasure, it has now become a nightmare. Your gift has a lot of thought behind it, and, a strong message too.
    RYN: I don’t mind the snow…I do mind having to shovel it. lol

  5. so much pressure and expectation comes with the holiday…i think the greatest gift we can give each other is our time, being together…so much magic in that…not the material but the experience….and in the end what we do give if given with heart is special…

  6. Glad to see you found how to make snow, I was wondering how it would look with your photos of Taos. Love what you did with the words and one of the reasons I keep coming back to the wordles is because I’m curious to see where everyone takes them or ends up. And I think you are right, that the older we get, the less pressure we feel to get the perfect gift. The past few years, I’ve worried more about how long it will take and how quickly it can be done. I’m not much of a Christmas person anymore.


  7. I am pretty much a bah, humbug! person myself, Annell. Christmas has become such a commercial overrated time of year. I look forward to a nice meal with my husband and that is about it for me. Nice lighthearted write.

    I see you got the snow working 🙂


  8. I like this – clean and simple, what it says it what it is. we had a lovely Hannukah this year, with lots of friends to share in our holiday traditions, and share yummy food (I’ll be cleaning for a week). have a Merry Christmas, and remember, the perfect gift is always Love!

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