December 8, 2012 Wordle #86

bland, forged, rejuvenate, stress, innate, delicate,

relentless, space, coast, hat, rampant, spectrum
Taos Mountain
Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Christmas in the Desert
So far…
Season is bland
Temperatures the
Same as late summer
Time stands still
Sense of waiting
Feelings forged into sameness
Time to rejuvenate
Awaken old souls
Without stress or loss
Innate sense of wonder
Delicate childhood
Endings in the air
Time for change
New space
New traditions
New paths
Along desert coastline
Don hat to protect
Against relentless sun
And other dangers
Memories run rampant
…And you say the “tests” are negative
Life’s full spectrum
Colors in all the spaces
…Snow expected
On Christmas
Sleigh bells ring!
Note:  As I was working on my piece, lost in reverie, I was contacted by a friend telling me, his partner has cancer, and the first tests were negative for it’s spread to the brain and that there would be more tests.  I wanted to add that line, as I think it illustrates “life,” while we are busy doing something, something else happens.  It all becomes woven together, into something unique.