dVerse: prompt  “I Miss You”



Missing You

Every breath

One of saddness

I breath in…out

I listen

I stare far away

To the horizon

Could it be…

Do I see you there

I breath in…out

I hear the music playing

Your favorite song

My eyes mist over

I breath in… out

I cannot distinguish time

Your leaving seems

A long time ago or

Like yesterday

I breath in… out

I am filled with my breath

When I breath out

I am surrounded by this sad breath

Which mixes with the sad breath of others

I breath in… out

Everyone missing someone

9 thoughts on “Saturday December 1, 2012 dVerse

  1. your leaving seems to long ago, like yesterday….true that…and still seeing them…know that too annell…everyone is missing someone….we all have these people…nice spin ma’am. smiles.

  2. love the image of your own sad breath, mingling with others and the knowing you’re not alone as it is so true…we all miss someone and have something we share and in which we are together…nice

  3. Yes, Annell…..the sad breaths mix together in grief for what was and is no longer. To lose a loved one is hard, but perhaps knowing that we are in the company of other mourners gives a small bit of comfort at those difficult times.

  4. This is such a human poem, and by that I mean universal. We have all, or will all, love and lose. I really like the way the exhalation almost frames this poem as a voice inside my head, like I’m standing there with you- I don’t know if that makes any sense or not!…but that’s how it made me feel

  5. A universal sense of missing…the sound of the water rolling in.and out..as it will always do as generations of people stand by its shores..there is an acute awareness and sadness in the waters of these words..and yet the breath will continue too..Jae x

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