November 25, 2012 Sunday Whirl #84

Wordle  #84  :  Still, scent, sight, fell, fleck, sway, load, heap, skimmed, held, end, fill


The Scent of Thanksgiving

Fills the air

Every nook and crannie

Found myself swaying

To the holiday music

Remembering sights

And sounds

Of other holidays

Long ago

Lost in reverie

You were all there still

Held each one in long embrace

The scene inside my head

Heaped with emotion

Only a fleck of reality

Fell into the morning light

The wagon loaded

Horses hitched

Skimmed the fat

From the broth

In memory

World without end

Note:  It seems to me, the holidays are not as they were.  And there is a certain sorrow for all those who have gone before.  I miss them all.  This makes sense, since nothing stays the same and all things change.