Sunday Novermber 11, 1012 Sunday Whirl #82

In the woods near by
The air is cold and dry
Reluctant leaves
The last “hanger-ons”
Fall to the ground
Crackle beneath my feet

White Crested Sparrows
Strut along adobe walls
Small birds flock to the feeder
As never before
Look like shoppers on Black Friday

In the large rock is a hollow
Which fills with water
A place the kitten drinks

What is new in this world

Perhaps it is the Towie
Leaping into the juniper
Popping up like a jack-in-the-box
Although he may have been here
Many times
It is the first season
I have heard his song

The brook in the woods
Sleeping in its rocky bed
Gurgles like a phantom
Red willow grows alongside
Source of its name

Wordle #82

Note:  phantom, brook, rocky, hollow, leaping, dry, although, new, walls, never birds, woods

Note 2:  He said, “There was a lion and a coyote living in a cage together.  They are friends.”

She said, “One day maybe there was only the lion.”

He said, “In the animal world “friendship” has it’s limits.”

She said, “Maybe that is also true among humans?”