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Sunday Whirl  #81: wrath, tumultuous, scramble, flees, shore, key, swelling, upbeat, depths, enable, rotten charm

(Image from the internet)


Woman shrouded in blue

Waits upon the shore

Waves swelling before her

Her dreams swim in the depths

Salt water the key

The end


Her life scrambled

Like yellow eggs upon a plate

Bright fall morning

Event tumultuous

Order flees

Nothing ever the same

Wrath takes over

No longer upbeat

It is her rotten charm

That has enabled her this far

Future uncertain

(Image from the internet)

Note:  Sandy a storm that will long be remembered.  Effects of climate change comes to New York City, and surrounding east coast area.

14 thoughts on “November 3, 2012 Sunday Whirl #81

    1. Yes, there is loss, but perhaps we can think of them differently, “a correction.” After all perhaps it was not meant that we should build our nests upon the edge of the sea, perhaps that should be left for the wild life, whatever is left. Only a correction, that we should see what global climate change is ahead? Nature has much to teach.

  1. I agree with Jae- the scrambled egg image is powerful. Amazing how so much havoc results from such storms and yet blue skies await the aftermath. Going through Rita and then Ike was horrific. Sandy brings back a lot of bad memories and I really feel for those suffering now.

  2. Oh wow, we thought along the same lines on the wordle words Annelle. I guess with the huge devastation that occurred and with it all still on my mind, the words led the way.
    Great wordle, hugely sad subject through.
    RYN: Yes, if you’re that far from the sea it would probably be drought that did it. I think we as a species are now reaping the rewards of the destruction we’ve sown on this planet for far too long. Maybe it is just the nature of things.

  3. Sandy brought so much heartbreak and devastation. These new weather phenomenon are truly horrifying. Excellent use of the wordle words to tell the story, Annell!

  4. Annell, nice use of metaphor with the scrambled eggs. A horribly tragic event for so many people who are not used to hurricanes. I am from New York and some of family on Long Island were flooded, but are safe and I am very relived about it. Well wordled.


  5. Nature knows no emotion, nature just is. Now is the time for humanity to step up to the devastated shore. I like your blue lady.

    I hope to take some blankets to a local collection headed towards NJ this weekend.

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