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Sunday Whirl #80

Bound by Tradition

Rules on old tapes

Men and women

Powerless to find their own path

Follow or even to know

Their own wishes

Damage was done

Long ago

Introduced to a way of thinking

By parents

As they were

By theirs

No critical thinking

Not even one single thought

To call their own

The goal was

The thread within

Would remain unbroken

In our turn

We would do the same

Words:  Women, men, power, wish, damaged, way, think, single, thread, bound, within, we

12 thoughts on “October 27, 2012 Sunday Whirl #80

  1. Oh, I so agree with you on all of this. Parents drum their own beliefs into their children and expect their traditions to carry forward, and, the sad part is, it usually does. This is where I believe if the parent didn’t teach the child hatred, bias, racism, it would eventually cease to exist.
    I love the gentle truth in this Annell.

  2. Tradition can bind, but when I think of tradition based upon holiday meals, get-togethers, etc., I think they can also be the glue that holds you together.

  3. You bring to mind the play “South Pacific” And the song with that states; ‘You’ve got to be taught…’ I can only hope that I have succeeded to some degree in teaching my own children not exactly how I was taught; by the ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ method. I hope that I have taught ‘Do as I say, as I have done’.

    Interesting though how some traditions have changed and what was once not taboo has new interpretations and restrictions because of just a few who choose to alter beliefs to their own liking and then amass a following because individual thought is in fact thought to be dangerous.

    I move at a snails pace and have added part two to last weeks verse:

  4. “Powerless to find their own path

    Follow or even to know

    Their own wishes

    Damage was done”

    This part really stands out to me…I think it is important to always be ready to adjust things…way of living etc. based on the truth that exists for each on an individual level. Thought-provoking!

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