Taos Mountain


My neighborhood is at the foot
Of Taos Mountain
Over time it has become
My home
The only home I know

A handful of
Spanish influence
Music and dance
Rice and beans
Spanish spoken
Knives flash

A handful of
Native influence
Chanting and drums
Ponys and sacred celebrations
Dark skin, hair and flashing eyes

A pinch of the Gringos
Loud, fat, disrespectful

A fine pot of stew
All mixed together
It’s not always easy
Is it any wonder

6 thoughts on “September 23, 2012 Mary’s Mixed Bag Prompt Neighborhood

  1. ha sounds like a lovely bit of stew…spanish with a flourish, the native (probably the most intriguing for me) and the gringo…at leas ti would fit in there…smiles…cool capture of your neighborhood…

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