September 22, 2012 Sunday Whirl Wordle #75

(The mountains south of Taos, NM)

Burn Site
It is winter
I sort through the ashes of my life
Remember the storms past
And yet…I remain

All is quiet
Waiting with expectation
Each day a short climb
Bundles of ideas in every corner
Thunderbolts light the landscape in all directions

You bring joy to me
Trapped in the desert
Where all is dry, nothing damp
We are but husks of our former selves
Rustle like dry stalks in the corn fields
Sounds heard in hot summer wind
I might be shook up by this thought
Were it not true

September 22, 2012 It’s the Truth: Tuesday Tryouts



Just a Boy

Driving the back roads

Of east Texas

I passed a boy

Walking on the road

Eyes black

Face swollen

My partner said

“He’s been beaten”

We did nothing

In silence

We traveled on

The image of this boy

Returns to me

Was there something I could have done

What happened to that boy

Who had suffered what

No boy should have


*Note:  I was in a town I did not know.  And really didn’t know what to do, but have always wished I could have done something?