Wordle #74

The Artist Searches for Meaning

Artist greets the grey day

Rain rare and precious is expected

Mountain silhouette shrouded in mist

Sky a container

Stuffed with white cotton balls

Blue bird comes to the courtyard

Saunters to the feeder

Not up to his liking

Lilting a song of lyric disappointment

Leaves on extended wings

Tiny glittering pools stand on asphalt

He is gone

All is silent

Artist lifts her eyes to the mountain

Yellow and orange appear among the evergreens

Colors of autumn

All is sensuous rich

In amusement

She whispers alliterations to herself

“Blue bird bellows sorrow”

She flips her tresses

And continues peering at the exterior world

As she searches within for the  meaning

17 thoughts on “Sunday September 16, 2010 Sunday Whirl #74

  1. Hello …. rain rare and precious. Yes it is. We had a rare rain with thunder and lightening last night. It awakened me ~ I reveled in the sounds and smell. Your poem is lovely.

  2. I look at the picture of you in your profile and read these singing words and all seems united..busy and yet with a sense of calm and rightness..I like that bluebird..Jae x

  3. smiles….love the cotton ball container of the sky….and her playfulness as well…alliterations to herself….love the little nature touches as well that give this life…the bird song….i might go for a walk now…

  4. Rain when needed is such a blessing. Where would we be without water. Your mountains sound so beautiful, the panorama you share, delightful and mostly free of man’s hand. What a lovely portrait of words you’ve painted Annell.

  5. “Sky a container
    Stuff with white cotton balls”

    Love that line. I can just picture the sky with that description. Great wordle. 🙂

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