Sunday Whirl Wordle #73

(Image from the internet)

A blue marble

Whirls through space

One of millions

A splendor true

I am here in this

Small remote corner

Place of grace

My life a blessing

In silence I survey

The world as far as I can see

Mountains rugged

Peaceful cows in green pastures

Blue skies forever


I am reminded the coin

Has two sides

There is much

Suffering in the world

I am shaken

To remember how hard

Life can be

Warriors are called

To fierce attention

Each breath precious

Hold on for dear life

Every day a new battle

10 thoughts on “Saturday 8, 2012 Sunday Whirl #73

  1. I love the it can be wonderfully magical lost in the skin of a marble..but the game is much bigger perhaps..a battle..those peaceful moments are good though..even if rare..jae

  2. It is such a good thing to be able to count our blessings and to know we are so blessed and yet, realise that millions of others are not so lucky. Humbling indeed. This is filled with beauty, contentment and compassion. Lovely.

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