September 1, 2012

Wordle #72

bare last gear final evidence refresh
gassed smooth number white shift nine

My heart is laid bare
Open for all to see
The final days of summer are here

Evidence of cooler weather
In early morning

I am refreshed by the thought
Of autumn
My favorite time of year
The month the number nine
The season shifts

A smooth transition
From scalding white
Heat of summer
To cooler days
Snuggled by the gas fire

A time to read
Write letters
Like bear
A time of hibernation

The needed gear
A book
Paper and pen
My heart and a glass
For inspection

Will this be my last
A question asked
Only time can answer

21 thoughts on “September 1, 2012

  1. I love summer, enjoy autumn, but while in autumn am always aware that around the corner is winter. And I think not only of seasons…but of life. The question “Will this be my last?” packs a punch. We never know, do we….no matter what our age. Things change fast sometime, but hopefully won’t. I enjoyed your reflections in this poem, Annell; and it didn’t seem like a wordle at all.

  2. I hope there will be many more Autumn’s to follow this one. This is such a gentle step into Autumn. The imagery flows into the next thought so seamlessly. We don’t mind early Autumn it’s late fall when the temps drop and the start of winter is on the verge of arriving. Love its beauty but hate the ice and, shoveling snow.

  3. this was lovely and thought-provoking. I believe the wonder at whether this is the last autumn is itself the gift of this poem. When we think about this, we live in the beauty of the moment. We are conscious of the transition.

  4. I’m always glad for the end of summer too–even though we don’t get nearly the heat of NM. I love autumn and winter in my climate. I think my comfort range gets narrower the older I get!

  5. I’m craving the cooling of autumn, and this is lovely. Hibernating with pencil and paper, and a glass for introspection. It sounds like my kind of life. Beautiful writing, Annell.

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