Wordle #71

The Gift

Day grows late

Dusk meets

The dark of night

I search for your trace

You are the operator

That links past and present

The essential recipe

For communication

Written with a pencil

Or drawn with a piece of charcoal

On scrape of paper

Left near the fence

Now all is forgiven

A chain of roses

Or empty words

Heavy with sweet scent

Of heartache

My gift to you

12 thoughts on “Sunday 26, 2012 Sunday Whirl

  1. Heartache… the gift that keeps on giving. I like the way you put the words together to convey this sad tale…

  2. This reminds me of road side memorials…or places where accidents should not have happened. Where roses, stuffed toys, candles and writings are left. While a necessity, fences…well I think some fences could be made prettier.

    Thanks for your visit.

  3. Perhaps the most beautiful gifts are wrapped in sadness..there is something beautiful about the scrape of paper and the pencil..more lasting..permanent..such a rich and delicate piece…jae

  4. I think this is my first time here- how have I not found you before? It is always nice to meet another worldler! I think it is interesting how both our pieces open on the edge between dusk and night. I like the edges of things… where change is happening. Nice to meet another artist/writer. The image is really nice.

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