Musical Notes #3

Based on Leonard Cohen’s, Joan of Arc, sung by Jennifer Warnes

Joan of Arc
Into the opening she rides
Mounted upon her stead
War weary
Dressed in white

Joy in solitude
Beneath the smoke
Fire admires her pride
Mounted upon her stead

He sees the
Glory in her eyes
War weary
Found his way into her heart

Late one night
Into each others’ arms they fell
Dressed in white

Now the flames no longer follow her
But in Her heart they burn
Mounted upon her stead
War weary
Dressed in white

10 thoughts on “Tuesday August 21, 2011 Musical Notes

    1. Every woman and child-woman carries a warrior within. Interesting you find it more sad, that she is war weary in white. (What is the meaning of that white? Is it the innocence?) And yes, she joins with her stead, in power, pride, and glory. “It ain’t easy to be a woman.” Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  1. I found you. You can post your URL in the comment section below the prompt. You turned this into another song, Annell, with your repetitive form. Thanks for joining in,


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