July 29, 2012 Sunday Whirl #67

Sunday Whirl #67

Dinner for Four

The crest of the mountains

Dig deep into the canapy of clouds

Like lace

Layered over a clear blue sky

Fly through the air


Channeling death…or near death

There is no attack

No scores to be settled

Each falling from the air

Taking part in the feast

It is orderly as if by tradition

No frenzy

Some would say…

They are wayward

They pass the ball on the court

Dressed to the “nines”

A robust game

All is sublime

Their life though strange

A rough purification

Note: The beginning is the scene I saw on my way to town, and four turkey vultures circling the tennis court, and I wondered…who or what are they circling?  And then I thought about how noble they are, just doing their job.