July 22, 2012 Sunday Whirl #66 and the Mag #127

Image from the internet.

Sunday Whirl #66

The Melancholy Painter

Swinging the loaded brush with abandon

Mixing the powdered colors

Rosy red

The blood on which she stands

Pale gold the accumulation of years

The pigment covers the plane

Stray drops spray

As she flings the paint

Erotically touching

The tips of greenĀ grass

The picture in her mind’s eye


Image from the internet.


The Mag #127

The Letter

The shadow of your dark image

Crosses before me

The message you have brought




You speak to me as only you can

I reach into the dark

Touch your extended fingers

Know you are there

Without fear

I continue the journey

Without map

Strain to see the “way”

Yet you have told me

You are with me

I am not alone