Sunday Wordle #65

 Grittled Words

Controversy flicks back and forth

Tension swells

Words spray 

Hit the griddle

Spit and dance

Allowing gravity to take hold

One word misspoken

Will trigger controversy

Between friends

Each relishes the comfort

Of knowing

Plant the seed

Count the links of the chain

Humility allows concession

Words again chanted in refrain

No one claims perfection

*Note:  I did not go back and check to see what was decided, but I chose griddle as my “wayward” word.

19 thoughts on “July 15, 2012 Sunday Whirl#65

  1. grittle is a new word to me..I had an image of something being quick fried in the bottom of a pan (or griddle!)..spitting..spilling out into the room..maybe words can be like that..there was something very alliterative about your words too..jae..

  2. Annell, I love the way you take us through the process of an aspect of relationships that we have all, probably, gone through, at least once. I absolutely love,

    Words spray
    Hit the griddle
    Spit and dance

    The imagery is visceral — griddle works so well, here.

  3. I like this! I’m not familiar with the Wordle challenge, can’t imagine liking this any more if I did. I looked at your poem/email this morning and realized there was no longer a need for me to alert you to ‘relishes.’

    Enjoy your day, Annell

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