April 29, 2012 Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl

The Migration of The Cranes
The weather was grey all day
The sea the color of pewter
Your eyes no longer green
We watch overhead
The flocks of sand hill cranes
Return again this year
We could see their beating wings
They did not squander
Their precious energy
They seemed suspended above us

You are my fellow traveler

We make our way into the canyon

There is no lane to follow

It is but an alley into ancient grounds

Another time

Another people

Inhabited these lands

The sand hill cranes

Made their migration

Making no accommodation

As they slowly disappeared

Intractable only on their own terms

16 thoughts on “April 29, 2012 Sunday Whirl

  1. Oh wow, this took my breath away, Annell. “You are my fellow traveller. We make our way into the canyon….an alley into ancient grounds”. Right away one feels the history of the area and is reverent……and then reading below the sight you had of those wonderful birds……..sigh. How absolutely lovely.

    I was watching Disney’s Earth last night and there were scenes of skies completely filled with birds – just breath-taking. Like your poem. I so wish I could walk into that canyon with you. With you in spirit as you experience the same wonder as I do in the natural world.

  2. I felt the magic in this, for it surely is magic when we slow down for long enough to actually start to ‘see’ and appreciate the miracles in most of life. It seems as if this was an enchanting day for you. I feel like this when we’ve seen Bald Eagles flying free in the wild as they should be 30 feet above our heads, or, dolphins and seals passing our fav beach cove.
    What a wonderful wordle you shared.

  3. I had a great sense of the ancient and the circle of inhabitance..human and creature..rumbling like a heart beat underneath this piece..fading green eyes and travelling feet..both poignant..and (I hope) comforting..Jae

  4. I live in a limited fly way. I had a pair of great blue heron that I used to spot coming and going with the seasons. But then I only saw one…I was told that the mate had somehow gotten trapped and unable to fly, but cared for. And since they mate for life the other just flies this path now…alone. It is quite magical to see the heron resting on his one leg…so graceful. And to see a whole flock…a memory to treasure indeed!

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