Saturday April 21, 2012 Through a Special Lens

Sunday Whirl #52  Anniversity

Through a Special Lens

We can see the pattern of our lives
There may be nothing
Ethereal about each day

And yet….
Just the thought of you
Could cause the spangling to begin
You fold your life into an exquisite origami
Without complaint
Nor regard to aches

The perfection of the boy
Hopes and dreams
Of yesterday
We shimmy into
Our own dragon suits

If you could
You would have taken
The ferment from me
Reworked the pattern
To abstraction

At last
We sang the coda

As with any crossing
There was a silence
In the middle
Of the cacophony

* Note: For one I only knew through the words of his Father. And yet, I loved him dearly. He filled the hearts of all who truly knew him.